Dyno Tuning

RotorMaster are one of the few Rotary workshops in Australia to have in-house diagnostic services for simulating and testing of performance vehicles. We have the latest in diagnostic technology at our fingertips and can completely tune your engine to ensure that your ride is operating and performing at its highest potential.

If you have made a solid investment in your engine, precision tuning techniques are essential for optimal performance gains. RotorMaster Director Joe Signorelli has perfected the art  with expertise in the finest dyno machines available today

  • Our MAINLINE PRO HUB DYNO is the finest piece of machinery in our workshop facility located in Wetherill Park. It is the latest state-of-the art tuning machine and one of just a few in Australia capable of holding huge horsepower.
    (Available for hire on request) – P.O.A

Tuning both rotary and piston powered engines, Signorelli boasts responsibility for tuning some of Australia’s fastest 4, 6 and rotary engines including the current Australian fastest 4 cylinder Honda CRX , Australia’s fastest 6 cylinder 2JZ Toyota Celica & Australia’s Fastest Turbo Door Car Twin Turbo V8.

Street, strip or circuit – RotorMaster have the tuning facilities and experience to  skilfully unleash the power in your engine.