RX8 Solutions

RotorMaster is Sydney’s preferred and trusted work shop for the Mazda RX8. Our Team are in close affiliation with local Mazda Dealers to assist with all RX8 maintenance, engine rebuilds, upgrades and complete Log Book servicing – all at competitive prices with minor servicing from $270!

RX8 Engine Rebuilds

Don’t panic if your RX8 engine requires re-building, RotorMaster offer their full rebuild services for the RX8 with new Seal kits to kick start your Renesis Engine. Our work is guaranteed with all new genuine Mazda Parts used in the rebuild process.

RX8  DeCarbonisation Process

As featured in Fast Fours Magazine, RotorMaster is leading the field in expert technical advice for the Mazda RX8 with their specialised decarbonisation process that will let your engine breathe easy. Traditionally RX8 owners and dealers experiencing specific technical issues were under the assumption that an engine rebuild may be in order, however RotorMaster’s latest solution has proven otherwise. Carbon build up causing significant Rotor congestion has been identified as the cause of many problematic issues pertaining to the RX8 and RotorMaster have tackled this problem head-on with a specialised fluid run through the motor. This fluid encourages the displacement of the carbon build-up, which is then removed from the engine through vigorous running time (1hr) on the dyno.  

RX8 Modifications

The naturally aspirated Renesis block has proven to respond well with the installation of a number of mild upgrades on offer by our team.

  • RX8 Exhaust Systems

The RX8 Exhaust system we offer our clients gives good increases in rear wheel Kilowatts as well as a noticeable driving difference through torque increase and quicker throttle response. The cat-back quality stainless steel exhaust system is the perfect replacement for your standard RX-8 exhaust with more aggressive looks!

  • RX8 Intake Upgrades

The REVi RX-8 Intake System is now available for all 2004-08 models, proving extremely popular as a performance improver. The system is designed to offer improvements without sacrificing the brilliant driveability the RX8 offers.

The major components of the REVi Intake & Duct System include: an OEM style air box assembly, custom-designed K&N air filter unit, aluminum mass air flow sensor tube, a tuned-length air inlet horn, and a nose-mounted intake air duct. RotorMaster invite you to experience the improvement today without compromising your drive.

  • RX8 Stainless Steel Extractors

Designed as a straightforward direct bolt-on for the RX8, RotorMaster offer quality crafted stainless steel extractors to their clients capable of delivery a decent power gain!

  • RX8 Exedy Clutch Kit

The Exedy Complete Stage 1 Kit for the 2004-7 RX8 is recommended for street or autocross, excellent for daily driven cars, track days or autocross use. This complete Exedy Stage 1 clutch kit for the RX-8 includes a sprung hub, organic compound disc (236 mm OD), upgraded pressure plate (1895 clamp load), replacement throw out bearing, pilot bearing, and a clutch installation alignment tool.