Rotary Engine Building

Engine building and re–building are considered the nucleus of our business with standard rebuilds leading the thrust of work. Experience is crucial, and technique is critical to achieve desired results.

With over 20 years experience, our knowledge in this area is unrivaled. Our workshop is equipped with state of the art tools and machinery. All engine work including porting, dowelling & balancing is performed in–house with blue printing & lightening also available.

Engine rebuilds are inclusive of the following:

  • A thorough engine inspection (rotor & housing conditions determined)
  • New RotorMaster Competion Apex Seals
  • New seal kit
  • Engine plates machined  (if required)
  • Clearance bearings
  • Engine Blue Printed

All engine work is guaranteed and stamped with a Warranty.

Rebuild Price Guide: $6000

  • 12A & 13B n/a Engine Rebuild
  • 12A Turbo Engine Rebuild
  • 13B Turbo Engine Rebuild
  • 13B Twin Turbo Engine Rebuild
  • RX8 Engine Rebuild from $6600


Engine Porting

Extracting additional power from your engine is achievable with our extensive porting experience. RotorMaster offer several different porting options to our clients from mild, extended or bridge ports to the more extreme peripheral port. All porting schemes are tested & proven – leaving no room for indecisiveness.

Mild Port – Smooth driving, good for daily street use.
This process increases air-flow and top-end power without creating any significant drawbacks. The port design is suitable for the standard induction with around 200hp achievable. A mild port is a popular choice for those wanting slightly improved performance without changing the standard characteristics of the engine.

Extended Port –  Good power increase while retaining drivability
The extend port is a larger version of the mild port and works best with improved intake and exhaust systems. The increase in air-flow ability translates to the potential for around 220hp providing the best compromise for regularly-used street cars.

Bridge Port – Very good potential for power, increased rev-range
The Bridge Port introduces some big power as well as the characteristic lumpy idling and tough sound of the Rotary Engine (faster normally means louder). The improved air-flow increases top-end power dramatically with a noticeable power-band peaking around 8,000rpm.

Peripheral Port – The ultimate form of rotary porting for maximum power
The peripheral port is the ultimate form of porting for a rotary engine without turning to forced induction. This modification has huge potential (300+hp) and is specifically developed for racing.

Engine Doweling
Engine Dowelling is a specialised process required to complement the porting scheme.  It is strongly recommended for high boost applications.