Dyno Tuning

At RotorMaster we have a purpose built facility for our state of the art Mainline All Wheel Drive Dyno, one of only a few of its kind in Australia. This above ground installation offers the ability to measure horsepower in excess of 2,000hp and speeds up to 200mph. Our investment in dyno tuning is significant as we see the tuning process as the core component of our performance work. Every modification made to a vehicle’s engine is what makes the application individual and as such every vehicle needs an individual tune perfected to execute the performance modifications made – be it race or street. To reserve the dyno or schedule a tuning appointment, please email or call (02) 96044801. Dyno service starts from $880. Our dyno is available by appointment only during normal operating hours. Special arrangements can be made for weekend use of the dyno when available. And yes, you can hire our dyno room! Rates start from $160 per hour (minimum three hours). Full day hire (eight hours)  is $1100.00. The rates include all dyno cell facilities required for tuning, but do not include operator. With the MAINLINE PRO HUB DYNO we have the latest in diagnostic technology in-house. With each dyno tune, you will receive a professional full colour graph indicating results. All information is stored into a secure computer memory for historical readings and reference of your vehicle for future service and use. The MAINLINE PRO HUB DYNO assists with the in-house diagnosing of:
  • electronic fuel injection
  • turbochargers and superchargers
  • ignition systems
  • driveline testing
  • fuel systems
  • transmissions
  • engine & engine systems
  • speedometer testing
  • computer mapping
  • vibration testing/ noise testing
  • routine road testing