Precision Turbochargers

Precision Turbochargers are the best in the industry and RotorMaster is Australia’s only authorised dealer.

We have the full range of Precision Turbochargers available including:

600hp-800hp – 5558 CEA, Gen 2 5558, 5858 CEA, Gen 2 5862, 6262, Gen 2 6062, 6266, Gen 2 6266

900hp-1200hp – Gen 2 6466, Gen 2 6870, 7275 CEA, Gen 2 7275

1200hp-1300hp – 7675, Gen 2 5558, Gen 2 7675, 7685 GT42 style

1350hp-1500hp – Gen 2 7685, 8284, 8685, 8884

1500hp-2000hp – 91.5, 8891, Gen 2 8891, Pro Mod 88, 94, Gen 2 Pro Mod 91, Gen 2 Pro Mod 88 XPR, Gen 2 Pro Mod 94, 98, Gen 2 Pro Mod 98.

2000hp+ – Pro Mod 102, Gen 2 118, 106, mirror image Gen 2 7675, 118

We know you want to be the best both on the track and off. Whether you’re a diehard racer or looking to boost your daily driver’s performance with a quality product, Precision Turbo and Engine has what you need. For exceptional power and unbeatable technology at an affordable price, RotorMaster can help you find the perfect turbocharger for your unique setup as Australia’s only authorised dealer.

Founded in 1987, Precision Turbo and Engine is one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of high performance, aftermarket turbochargers. Their manufacturing facility, in Northwest Indiana, has been a worldwide supplier of high performance turbochargers that have set the standard for uncompromised quality and unsurpassed performance since the late 1990s. Over the years, they have designed, tested, and manufactured record setting and championship winning turbochargers for all racing organisations, as well as Original Equipment Manufacturers such as General Motors. As they continue to expand our operations and product offerings, you can count on PTE to plan for all your future needs.

Contact us now on +61 2 9604 4801 or email us, and remember our best price policy as Australia’s only authorised Precision Turbo dealer.