The Team

The RotorMaster team, spearheaded by Joe Signorelli, comprises of a small group of selected people who share the same spirit and passion for racing as their team leader.

Director and Engine Builder Joe Signorelli, has built an enviable reputation, as one of the most experienced Rotary Performance Engineers in the world. His commitment to continued research and study both nationally and internationally along with his extensive track experience set the benchmark to place his team at the forefront of Rotary engineering in the world. More recently Signorelli’s experience has broadened to include wordwide recognition in the 6 cylinder turbo field with a business expansion to accommodate this success.

This magnitude of knowledge is the essence of the RotorMaster results.

Workshop Manager and Chief Engine Builder George Germagian, brings a mature wealth of knowledge to the RotorMaster Team with over 20 years of rotary and race experience. His meticulous nature and ability to effectively communicate with clients ensures that RotorMaster customers are always his priority.

The team is constantly striving to improve on their skills and knowledge and have an enviable reputation as one of Australia’s leading rotary engine specialists.