WorkShop News!

With plenty going on in the RotorMaster Build house at the moment, check out some of the latest modifications taking shape. This 20B Powered RX7 has proven relentless in its power gain quest! Sporting a brand new rear wing and harness – this 20B screamed on the dyno recently with Joe ensuring its gutz was squeezed of every last moving pony.

Custom Rear Wing

This 289 car debuted late last year running an 8.8 – with its owner over in South Australia we hope to get him out here real soon to put this thing on the track where it belongs or otherwise you may just see Joe behing the wheel in the next few weeks! 

The 20B PowerPlant

G-Force 5R

(Haltech ECU, BorgWarner S400 Turbo, G-Force 5R Gear Box)