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The rumours surrounding a new class for full-chassis sport compact cars were clear on the money with more than a dozen racers committing to race the new four-round series in 2012. ‘Factory Extreme’ is the name for the new racing class that caters to the quickest and fastest full-chassis fours and sixes as well as two and three-rotor machines in the land race heads-up.

Factory Extreme is a category open to post-2000 full chassis drag vehicles with a maximum wheelbase of 115 inches powered by a 4-cyl, 6-cyl, two-rotor or three-rotor engine. This category represents the ultimate in drag racing technology and development both in terms of horsepower and its application.

The four-round Factory Extreme series will begin at the Sydney Jamboree at Sydney Dragway on March 31st 2012 with round two forming part of the Nitro Champs to be held on the 4th-6th of May 2012. From there the series heads north to Willowbank Raceway for round three that will take place at the 2012 Winternationals on June 8th-11th before concluding at the Brisbane Jamboree for the final on the weekend of September 22nd and 23rd.

The racing will be run in a Chicago Shootout format with every racer having the opportunity to lay down six passes over the course of the event with the best two performers facing off in a final. While six-cylinder and three-rotor vehicles have traditionally been the dominant force, parity concerns have been addressed so that now the smaller but no less exciting four-cylinder and two-rotor cars join the heads-up action with weight breaks and equipment concessions made to even things up. (See below for rules).

There are already forteen teams committed to race at all of the Factory Extreme rounds forming what is sure to be the best display of drag racing technology and development in the sport’s history.

 Factory Extreme guidelines (excerpt):

*Open to PRO Cars 2000 and onwards, 115 inch wheelbase Max
*Engine must match body manufacturer
*Open to 4cyl, 6cyl, 2 rotor and 3 rotor engines
*6cyl max 4.0L can have either a billet head or billet block (not both), which must bolt directly without modification
* 4cyl max 3.0L can have billet head or billet block (not both)
* 4cyl max 2.5L can have billet block and head
*Traction control permitted
*Two power adders max
* Heads-up, pro tree
*Chicago shootout racing format
*3-rotor can have either billet plates or billet rotor housings (not both)
*2-rotor can have billet block and billet rotor housings
* Weight break as follows:
        6cyl 2400lbs
        4cyl / 2 Rotor 2000lbs
        3-rotor 2200lbs

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Racers already committed to the series include RotorMaster/GAS Motorsport  Boss Joe Signorelli, Jason Both, Zoran Gajic, Karl Hammoud, George Rehayem, Mark Jacobsen, Archie Kajewski, Mick Stanic, Tony Wedlock, Collin Willshire, Malcolm Glassett, Scott Porter, Rod Harvey & Craig Melbourne.