Signorelli – RotorMaster Boss Collects 2 ANDRA Records!


ANDRA Elapsed Time & Terminal Speed Records (AA/SC)

RotorMaster Boss - The GAS Pilot!

RotorMaster Boss celebrated a great achievement recently collecting 2 ANDRA  Records @ the 2011 Nitro Champs Event held at Sydney Dragway.  

Piloting for GAS Motorsport, Signorelli was in fine form all day belting out a Series of mid 6 sec passes running a 6.595 @214.52 MPH during qualifying session and later a 6.476 @ 216.65 MPH during elimainations.  

The 2JZ engine, built by Signorelli performed brilliantly all day & the consistency of the times meeting the ANDRA criteria to claim an Australian National Drag Racing Record for Super Compact AA/SC. 

Great Effort for the RotorMaster Boss in the GAS Motorsport Toyota Celica and one certainly to add to the Resume! With the soon to be relased debut date for the RotorMaster RX7, Joe will then assume driving responsibilities for both race cars. Some big decisions are lurking around the RotorMaster & GAS Workshops now as to whether Joe will delegate driving responsibilities to ether cars to a fellow crew member… with several volunteers Joe will be handing nothing over untill the RX7 is race ready & fully sorted. As the new RotorMaster flagship car Joe says “Nothing will be left to chance”  – lets wait & see!