With the MAINLINE PRO HUB DYNO we have the latest in diagnostic technology in-house.
The Dynamometer enables our experienced team to accurately tune and test your vehicle in an environment that stimulates real world conditions as closely as possible.

With each dyno tune, you will receive a professional full colour graph indicating results. All information is stored into a secure computer memory for historical readings and reference of your vehicle for future service and use.

The dyno service is available to tune all models of street and may withstand up to 2000+ horsepower.

The MAINLINE PRO HUB DYNO assists with the in-house diagnosing of:

  • electronic fuel injection
  • turbochargers and superchargers
  • ignition systems
  • driveline testing
  • fuel systems
  • transmissions
  • engine & engine systems
  • speedometer testing
  • computer mapping
  • vibration testing/ noise testing
  • routine road testing

RotorMaster are renowned for their work in after market Engine Control Unit installation and tuning, closely affiliated with:

  • Apexi
  • Haltech
  • MicroTech
  • Motec