RotorMaster is a name that has long been associated with Rotary Performance Vehicles Australia Wide. Over the years of evolution, this success has grown and further strung to incorporate International attention with opportunities that venture beyond Australian territory.

Over the past 20 years Joe Signorelli and team RotorMaster have been actively involved in Australian National Drag Racing showcasing their cutting edge performance engineering and development with their signature race cars. With a number of past prestigious titles including those of National and International recognition under their belt, RotorMaster pledge to continue pushing the parameters of Rotary Performance engineering.

RotorMaster’s combination of experience, passion, and determination ensures that the Team appeals to all generations of automotive enthusiasts with results show casing continued hi-tech performance engineering and development. It is this ambition that fuels the Team’s constant pursuit for excellence and prominence on the Race Track.

The Early Years
The RotorMaster Mazda RX3 & Mazda R100

The first official purpose built performance race car was the RotorMaster Pearl Blue Mazda RX3. This vehicle proved its potential early, clasping Australia’s Fastest Untubbed Rotary Record during the Team’s early race endeavors back in the 90’s.

Following the success of this RX3, RotorMaster continued their pursuit for prominence on the race track. The Team, soon after introduced their innovative 20B-powered Mazda R100 ~ which commanded much attention throughout its career.

The R100 is a product of Mazda’s largest produced Rotary Engine, modified and engineered specifically and purposefully to power Mazda’s smallest production Rotary vehicle. The result of this power-to-weight ratio and the power extracted from this build combination earned Signorelli and the RotorMaster team the title of the Fastest Full Bodied R100 in Australia.

RotorMaster History Mazda R100

The R100 held a string of achievements having run more than 60, low eight-second quarter mile passes in its career. The R100 recorded its personal best time of 8.23secs @ 164mph claiming title as one of the world’s fastest Auto-Equipped Rotors in the World!

The RotorMaster Series 6 Mazda RX7′s

After much success with the innovative R100, the RotorMaster team had some serious motivation to embark on a new project car – The Series 6 Mazda RX7.

The result pictured here below was a well-known piece of Automotive Rotary Development in this region; The RotorMaster ¾ Chassised Series 6 RX7- emulated from the team’s previous “dummy tested” R100 sedan.

During its first official test and tune, the 20B powered- project car produced a debut time of E.T 7.88 @ 172mph setting a precedent for a string of Australian Records to follow.

The RotorMaster ¾ Chassis Series 6 RX7 was re-introduced mid 2003 sporting a new look. The purpose built drag car, having undergone further development, re-emerged as “Australia’s Fastest Rotary 2003” (E.T 7.53sec @ 179 mph)

In its somewhat short career span, the RotorMaster RX7 gained a string of prestigious titles, winning every Australian Race competition entered since the car’s initial debut!

The RX7 continued to dominate the 1/4 mile after being sold in early 2004 to a long time RotorMaster customer. Its performance continued to soar whilst still being maintained by Signorelli and his crew. The new owners proudly boasted a best E.T of 7.26 @ 188 MpH – (2007).

RX7 Magazines

The RotorMaster Series 6 RX7 (Tubed Chassised)


In 2004, RotorMaster obtained the rolling shell of the World’s Fastest Rotary ~ the ex Abel Ibarra K&N RX7 from the United States. The plan was simple… this vehicle housing the RotorMaster 20B-engine compilation from their previous RX7 was to take the Team to number one.


This Drag Car debuted in March 2004 where it achieved an Australian National Record (Sports Compact) – for its first official performance, with an E.T of 7.36 @ 187 mph.


A second Australian National Record was then set during the vehicles proceeding performance with an improved E.T of 7.33 @ 187 mph, indicating in 2004 the Project Cars continued development in the right direction.

The plight to success was severed in the September of that same year following the devastating crash that was to holt the Team’s plan and race direction for some time.

During this absence from the Rotary Race Arena, RotorMaster Director Joe Signorelli explored a relatively new market in the industry –6 Cylinder Performance Engines, pushing the parameters of 2JZ powered vehicles, and with this decided to further expand his business.

RotorMaster Back To Light Up the TrackIn 2006, with RotorMaster still in full operation, GAS Motorsport was founded by Signorelli and Partner to support and fund a new race program. During this time Signorelli spent time immersing himself in a wider Performance Culture enhancing his knowledge with sophisticated Race Machines, whilst also campaigning a Brand New ANDRA Race Class.  .

In this process Joe Signorelli has emerged as Australia’s most prominent Sport Compact Racer in his GAS Motorsport Celica, holding the current Sports Compact WORLD RECORD with a personal best time of 6.26 @ 230 MPH.

Content with this recent success and broadening business venture, Signorelli has ceased this perfect opportunity to seriously return to his Race Roots – Rotary Performance Power with the aim of applying his current knowledge back into Team RotorMaster’s brand new ride – the RotorMaster 20B powered Series 6 RX7. Debuting at the 2011 Fuchs Australian Nationals (Sept 2011), the RX7 won the Super Compact brackett after only having recorded 3 full 1/4 passes, winning the finals with a 7.12 @ 177 mph! Team RotorMaster look forward to bright future with their Flagship RX7 that has since run a 7.01 – and more Gold Christmas Trees soon!

The RX7 takes to the Track!