66mm Wastegate

The Precision PW66mm external wastegate is perfect for the boost enthusiast looking to get the most from their turbocharged car. Made from high grade , high temperature stainless steel and billet aluminium grade, high component, the PW66 also uses a 357 stainless investment cast valve body to provide consistent performance without fatigue or failure while allowing for accurate boost control. This unit features an internal Nickel Chromium Alloy Valve and 4 individual ports along with a V-band clamp that holds the wastegate cap to the main body structure to allow for an infinite number of wastegate location positions.
What makes this unit truly unique are the special, stabilising “Precision Pins” which prevent the inlet and outlet flange from spinning. All units feature black anodized 6061 aluminium billet wastegate cap and are generally compatible with most aftermarket and electronic boost controllers. Aditionally, Precision Turbo’s external wastegates comes with all stainless steel inlet and outlet flanges ans clmaps needed for installation.