Fuel Injectors

Do you know how well your injectors are performing?
If you are not achieving genuine outcomes with your current injectors you may wish to consider upgrading to higher flow injector.  RotorMaster have the technical expertise to help you. We offer a tremendous amount of product support and technical expertise to help you get the right injector to ensure a consistent tune.

Upgrading fuel injectors may be a necessity when changing turbochargers, exhaust headers, throttle bodies, fuel systems, or cylinder heads. It’s important to insist on the best. RotorMaster offer high quality fuel injectors for the proper delivery of fuel and carry an extensive range of injectors to suit all engine needs from street to strip. We stock and recommend the PRECISION LINE OF INJECTORS.

PRECISION TURBO brand fuel injectors are individually selected, flow checked and matched to within 1% of each other for optimum performance from your vehicle.