Fuel Pressure Regulators

Fuel Regulation is one of the most important components of your fuel delivery system. The fuel pressure regulator’s job is to maintain constant fuel pressure above the intake manifold pressure. The installation of performance fuel injectors or a high-flow fuel pump requires the use of an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator to allow pressure adjustments while maintaining a stable base pressure. They can also be used to maximise a standard fuel system’s ability to cope with minor power modifications.

Here at RotorMaster we offer numerous regulators to support your individual requirements and application.

Like the Aeromotive Fuel Pumps, the Aeromotive Regulators too have the same precision engineering and integrated proprietary high quality materials that provide customers with a superior product. The Aeromotive designed products kept on board for medium to high horsepower applications, showcase Aeromotive’s high-flow design, superb pressure control and legendary durability – for street through to track applications.

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