Weldon Fuel Pump


Maximum HP: (-8 inlet and outlet) 1400 h/p Inj@ 14V EFI
(700 hp on Methanol) & 1600 hp @ V Carb (800 hp on

GPH/PSI Range: 140-180 GPH / 0-80 PSI


  • Self Priming
    Pump may be mounted above fuel cell vertical or horizontal mount
  • Breakaway coupling prevents pump/motor damage in the event of contamination
  • All internal wear component are 100% metallic. No plastics or composite materials. Our internal pumping elements are made of high speed tool steel and bronze. This results in the longest lasting, highest quality, most durable pumps available.
  • Body machined from billet aluminum
  • For carbureted or injected engines
  • Provides Consistent Performance with no fall-off in flow
  • Precise fuel delivery
  • Blades self-compensating for wear to ensure your engine is well fed.