Engine Control Units

For the delivery of significant performance gains!

ECU’s or Engine Control Units are designed to electronically control fuel injected internal combustion engines. The role of an ECU is to monitor the engine via sensors and then use this information to determine the quantity of fuel to inject and the timing of the ignition, depending on engine speed (RPM) and engine load conditions.

What does all this mean?
In a factory engine the ECU is fixed by the manufacturer to suit the engine in its standard form however, if the factory ECU is replaced by a programmable aftermarket system, adjustments can be made to modify the engine enabling it to be tuned for optimum performance at each load & speed condition.

The aftermarket engine control unit is an invaluable tool in performance modification work and highly regarded by our team at RotorMaster.

What else does it do?
Aftermarket ECUs not only control injection and ignition timing, but also manage more complex functions like boost control, idle speed control, and traction control – imperative for track condition control. Many ECUs also provide extra auxiliary outputs that can be used to activate devices such as pumps and fans.

ECUs with data logging options also provide heaps of advantages for of high performance engine tuning, allowing users to record, then analyse various engine parameters. The detailed information is then used to tweak the engine for fine tuning performance gains!

When it comes to aftermarket engine management and data acquisition systems, every application is different. You can be assured and confident in our experience in this area.

We have long been associated with many of the industry’s finest engine management production companies and boast a wealth of experience in our ability to work with these brands:

  • Haltech
  • Motec
  • Microtech
  • Apexi Power F.C