Oct 2011 Signorelli appointed ANDRA Rep! (Grp 2)

Congratulations to RotorMaster’s Joe Signorelli for his successful nomination as the Group 2 ANDRA  representative for the upcoming 2011 Summit. Many thanks to those who took the time to nominate Joe – he is determined to represent his fellow Group 2 racers to the best of his ability!

With all Summit candidates now locked in, the Summit program (Oct 23) has been officially set  for two days of drag racing discussions. These are the talks that shape the future of Drag Racing in this country… so you better believe Joe will be on the ball!!!

Remember you still have untill the 20th Oct to provide any input by sending your ideas / suggestions to info@rotormaster.com.au, -      A short video will be prepared soon after the Summit which will provide ANDRA members with the information shared, areas of discussions & relevant outcomes. We will be posting the video link right here once complete.

Once again Joe Signorelli & RotorMaster thank you for your confidence and appointment!