Here @ RotorMaster we love all things Pistons & Rotors… So here’s some awesome performance news bound to make our Piston people grin! Precision Turbo and Engine has just released a BOLT-ON turbocharger upgrade for the Ford XR6 turbo.

Introducing the PT6235 turbocharger, it’s a direct bolt-on upgrade replacement for the internally wastegated factory GT3582R turbo, which will help to push the iconic XR6 to even higher levels of performance.
With its superior aerodynamics and attractive “Ported S” anti-surge compressor cover, Precision’s Ford XR6 turbo also comes with a custom wastegate actuator. As an added bonus, the CHRA features a water-cooled, dual ceramic bearing system to ensure greater durability and enable quicker spool up.

Featuring a 68mm, 84 trim turbine wheel on the hot side and Precision’s exclusive Competition Engineered Aerodynamics (CEA®) on the cold side, the 62mm inducer compressor wheel is machined from a 2618-aluminum forging for higher efficiency and faster transient response, resulting in maximum power. Additionally, PTE’s CEA wheels are specifically designed to out-perform those of the same size from other manufacturers while delivering high midrange and top-end efficiency.

Installation is easy and facilitated by the fact that Precision’s PT6235 bolt-on turbocharger upgrade is designed to be used with the Ford XR6′s factory turbine housing and exhaust manifold for a perfect fit!

This is an unbeatable low-key upgrade that delivers hard core results! On our shelves right now & ready to bolt on – call us today for more info regarding the 6235 BOLT-ON FORD XR6 TURBO KIT! ph: 029604 4801

FORD XR6 Bolt On Power - PT 6235
FORD XR6 Bolt On Power – PT 6235