Factory Xtreme Website Goes Live!

Be Sure to check out the brand new Factory Xtreme web site www.factoryxtreme.com.au & keep up-to-date with Factory Xtreme Racing. Factory Xtreme is the official race class in which the RotorMaster RX7 competes. The relatively new class-which officially debuted at this year’s Sydney Jamboree is a Sport Compact Drag Racing category open to post-2000 full chassis drag vehicles with a maximum wheelbase of 115 inches powered by a 4-cyl, 6-cyl, two-rotor or three-rotor engines. This category represents the ultimate in drag racing technology and development both in terms of horsepower and its application!
RotorMaster Boss Joe Signorelli also competes in the Factory Xtreme Class in his GAS Motorsport Celica … (The Current SPORT COMPACT WORLD RECORD HOLDER)