End of Financial Year RX8 Service & Decarb Promotion

Mazda RX8

Mazda RX8

Its on again… by popular demand RotorMaster are offering their clients (old & new) their unbeatable RX8 Minor Service Deal  for the month of June as we loom closer to the end of Finacial Year!
Express in & out service is only $270 and is the perfect opportunity to have the RotorMaster himself or technicians inspect your Renesis Engine to ensure it’s running to perfection and potentially detect and early issues.

For those keen to take it one step further, why not allow RotorMaster to vigorously decarb your RX8 on the dyno machine while you watch – and breathe a little life into the engine by eliminating any problematic excess carbon in the engine!

RotorMaster are leading the field in expert technical advice for the Mazda RX8 with this specialised decarbonisation process.  Carbon build up causing significant Rotor congestion has been identified as the cause of many problematic issues pertaining to the RX8 and RotorMaster have tackled this problem head-on with a specialised RX8 Decarbonisation Process.
The specilaised fluid used in the process encourages the displacement of the carbon build-up, which is then removed from the engine with some vigorous time on the build house dyno machine .  We are offering our deCarb process for  the month of June at a promotional price for $600… good insurance for your RX8!

We WONT be beaten on advice or price with RX8 servicing needs… call us today to take advantage of this offer!
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