“Botha” in a Spot of “Bother” @ Round 1 State Championship Series

Jason Both RX3

Rippin’ hard during round 1 of the NSW State Championship Series was Jason Both’s 20b powered RX3. The full bodied RX3 -(wheeled on 10.5″ tyres) belted out a 7.30 @ 182 mph finishing the run before pulling the shoots and unfortunately losing control of the RX3. Consequently the RX3 lifted and rolled before coming to a mighty halt – ouch… nasty!

Jason Both - Halting Stop!

We are happy to report Jason is fine – albeit a little bruised… and is eager to move onto newer & bigger driving duties – Jason will be getting straight back behind the wheel of a race car only this time assuming RotorMaster’s most prestiged driving responsibility …  Jason will pilot the ROTORMASTER RX7 Drag Car - temporarily relieving driving duties from Joe Signorelli! Yep, Joe has agreed to have Jason take on driving duties for the RX7 which is set to hit the track in the next fortnight. Joe is confident in Botha’s driving  ability & the entire RotorMaster Crew are excited to welcome Botha onboard for official driving duties – & no doubt he will make us proud!
On ya Botha!!

Jason Both’s New Ride

In other News for the Round 1 Series,  RotorMaster Boss produced 2 personal best times in the GAS Motorsport
Celica grasping this opportunity to test for upcoming Jamboree Event running a 6.420 @ 220.69mph! - in doing so Joe reset the AA/SC ET record (6.420 seconds).  According to Joe, the car is on a mission & failed to miss a beat, Joe has his sights set on big things for the upcoming QLD event.


On a mission - The GAS Celica